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to grow your business on Occasion!

Set up payment processing

You’ll learn how to integrate your payment processor with Occasion, so you can accept credit card payments for your event registrations.

Create events

You’ll learn about the steps involved in choosing and customizing templates, so you can use them as a starting point for creating your events. You’ll also become familiar with the listing editor which allows you to make changes to your events and add time slots.

Promote your events

You’ll learn about adding your Occasion calendar to your website and posting event registration links on social media so your customers are aware of your upcoming events.

Activate marketing features

You’ll learn about the powerful marketing features included in your Occasion account which allow you to better reengage existing customers and get new ones!

Optimize your account

You’ll learn about how you can use the additional organizational, planning, and management features of Occasion, so you can become a true power user!

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