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An Original Art Experience

Executive Summary

Rich Gleerup, a long-time corporate guy was gently nudged into the world of small business ownership by his wife and serial entrepreneur, Marie. Together, the duo opened Paint ‘n Pour in Redondo Beach, California four years ago.

Averaging 350 customers a month, Paint ‘n Pour hosts 18 to 22 public and private events. But their Chase Paymentech payment solution and GoDaddy Calendar could not keep up with their growth. The registration process was time consuming and many users became frustrated and gave-up entirely.

Initially drawn in by a simple customer-facing interface and robust backend features, it was the possibility of a mobile interface and Occasions’ hands-on customer service that sealed the deal for the Paint ‘n Pour team.


Paint ‘n Pour is part artistic expression and part spirits-driven fun.
However, manual registrations, in-store payment collection and a significant no-show rate were putting a damper on the festivities.

1. Manual Registration

Paint ‘n Pour’s GoDaddy Calendar and Chase Paymentech solution was supposed to reduce no-shows but the result was an unwieldy online registration and payment process that few customers saw through to the end

2. No Upfront Payment = No Call, No Show

The most challenging aspect of their business was a significant no call, no show rate. Marie and Rich quickly realized that without upfront payment, a reservation meant nothing. Marie remembers that 13 peoples registered for their third event. Yet on the night of the class, not one person arrived – “no one even called” to cancel, recalls Marie.

Group reservations were even more unpredictable. “When the ring leader couldn’t come or didn’t come, none of them came;” leaving Marie and Rich with a classroom full of supplies and nothing else.

3. Taking Time Away from Customers

Finally the breaking point came. Managing phone reservations, manually processing payments and dealing with significant no-shows began “impacting our ability to be good customer service people” says Marie. Marie and Rich went on the hunt for a solution that fit their needs.


Picture Perfect Solution

1. Simple User Interface

Occasion’s solution provides Paint ‘n Pour customers with a beautiful calendar-based interface that displays all upcoming events at a glance. When the user finds the right class, a simple the one-page registration secures their spot and collects payment.

“It seemed a bit too simple but now I look at it and think no, the world has finally caught up with you guys” says Marie.

2. Robust Backend Tools

Occasion makes it easy to look-up and manage orders; the backend functionality has increased productivity, freeing up more time to engage with their customers. “That planner is fabulous!” gushes Marie.

3. Mobile Future

As a savvy entrepreneur, Marie understands that she is competing against every other activity in Redondo Beach for her client’s time; including restaurants, beaches and even quiet evenings at home.

A mobile registration solution allows Paint ‘n Pour to remain competitive and provides customers with an easy sign-up option.

A Perfect Partner

  • “We are absolutely convinced that because we use Occasion we have more customers who feel comfortable buying from us.” Last year, the business was expected to experience 15% growth; instead, after switching to Occasion, growth is up 40%. “If it wasn’t for our registration process there is no way we would hit those numbers– I am not sure we would have hit the 15%. We are happy as clams!”

    Marie Owner of Paint N' Pour

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