Manage listings & bookings

One central hub to manage your listings and bookings

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Manage listings & bookings

Cut down your time spent on admin by 50%

Spend less time talking on the phone

With customers booking online, manning the phone is no longer a fulltime job. Especially not to confirm that they’ll show up.

Automatically publish a new class/event in multiple places

Automatically post a new event to your website, Facebook page and Google, instead of manually copy/pasting it.

Easily add a new event or class to your calendar

Copy information from previous events to schedule a new one. Or with just a few clicks, you can create one from scratch.

Receive a daily overview of your attendees

With an automated daily ‘roster digest’, you’ll always know who’s going to come to a class or event today.

The insights you need to improve your business

A plan of revenue growth opportunities

An automatic analysis of your booking data will show you what you can do to increase your revenue.

Analytics and reporting

All the reports and dashboards you need to get a grip on your business and see how you’re doing.

Send the booking information to your favorite tools

From accounting tools to marketing automation and email marketing, you can push all your booking information to the platforms of your choosing.

Examples or reports to manage your bookings

Revenue reporting

Sales analytics

Tax reporting

Booking trend analysis

Venue sales reports

Daily transaction reports

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