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A Recipe for Success


Part of what differentiates HCNY from other cooking schools is the intimate setting.
Small class sizes foster a laid-back atmosphere for students but also present a challenge for the business.
Each unfilled seat represents a significant cost; so managing registrations and schedules is critical.

1. A Class Full of Ghosts

The most significant problem with Jennifer’s Wild Apricot solution was “ghost registrations.” Partially completed registrations would show-up as fully registered students and prevent others from signing-up. Hours before a class, Jennifer would realize that her roster wasn’t as full as she thought; “that used to infuriate me” recalls Jennifer.

2. Tedious Registration Process

A significant contributor to the “ghost registrations” problem was a tedious process. Users would abandon the form leaving empty seats come class-time.

3. Bogged Down by Business Admin

From an administrative perspective, Jennifer struggled with the burden of managing each class offering independently. A task as simple as offering an Introduction to Indian Cooking class at the same location on three separate dates meant creating three, unique events. Not only was this more work for Jennifer but it also made it difficult for her students to find the class they wanted. There was zero visibility of future offerings unless the class was searched for individually.


The Proof is in the Pudding

1. Classes Full
of Engaged Students

HCNY’s registration process has done a 180° since partnering with Occasion. The multi-page form is replaced by a single page. As a result, HCNY’s checkout conversion rate is now 50%.

2. Visual Calendar
Improved Sales

Formerly a listing of text and links, HCNY’s new Occasion calendar is a visual feast. Jennifer gushes, “I know that sales are up!”

3. Robust and
Organized Dashboard

Jennifer can customize the organization of classes and generates links that are class specific.  All data, on both classes and registrants, is stored in a single location, so searching a breeze.

4. Running Her Business
from her Phone

Thanks to Occasion’s easy-to-use mobile site and automated features, Jennifer is managing her business from her phone.

Gee, Thanks!

  • Almost everything feels automated. It’s easy for me to be on the train coming in [and manage cancellations]. I go to the Planner, click on their name and press Cancel. That, in and of itself, the ability to do something [while] not sitting at my computer, is big.

    Jennifer Owner of Home Cooking New York

HCNY has seen amazing improvements

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Checkout Conversion Rate
Hours Saved Per Week

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