Professionally Designed Calendar Templates



This informative layout is description focused. Have a long description for your event? This template will make your life way easier.

Fun Fact!

This name parallels the ‘Darian Calendar’. Notably developed for future human settlers when they reach Mars.

Best Use Examples

Museum Escape Room
Comedy Club Massage Parlor
Art Gallery Boat Tour

Customer Reviews

Sandra J

“Allows us to highlight each Escape Room’s storyline pre customer arrival.”

Jackson P

“Great for describing the services we offer.”

Pierre S

“My company picked this layout because the focus on event descriptions.”



Modeled after our traditional calendar layout, but featuring a contemporary design upgrade. Stays original & gives your customers what they’re used to.

Fun Fact!

Occasion partner businesses use this layout more than any other on the platform.

Best Use Examples

Art Studio Garden Tour
Pottery Class Cocktail Making Class
Barbershop/Salon Putt Putt Course

Customer Reviews

Sohan W

“A Modern take on a classic booking experience.”

Peter C

“My customers love this calendar layout, thank you for the elegant redesign!”

Jessica A

“User interface I would expect in 2021.”



This new-school calendar layout highlights your landscape-style pictures & event titles, while still leaving room for a brief description.

Fun Fact!

This layout took longer to develop & code than any other layout offered on the platform.

Best Use Examples

Beer/Wine Tasting Karaoke Bar
Kids Play Area Summer Day-Camp

Customer Reviews

Jason D

“Since switching to Pax, our retention rate has increase substantially.”

Paula S

“This layout is easy for my customers to navigate.”

James B

“We use Pax for its simplicity and versatility for each listing.”



For business with multiple locations or instructors. Samvat allows you to tag them directly to a post. This innovative layout will seamlessly fit your business scheduling goals!

Fun Fact!

Not only is ‘Samvat’ our founders favorite layout, it’s also the Sanskrit term for ‘year’

Best Use Examples

Cooking School Yoga Studio
Spin Class Go-Kart Track
Tennis Club

Customer Reviews

Vince P

“My customers who book online always complement our website once in-person.”

Emily J

“This is the best template on Occasion for booking with instructors.”

Jacky W

“Highlights the information my customers need to know.”



We designed this layout with ‘ticket’-like businesses in mind. Emphasizes both the date, and how many spots remain.

Fun Fact!

Although this calendar was developed in 13th century Sweden, religious groups in modern day Estonia still use it today.

Best Use Examples

Bowling Alley Wood-Shop Class
Laser Tag Metalsmithing Class
Band Tour Dance Performance

Customer Reviews

Susan G

“I hated my old booking software. Occasion has introduced ‘style’ to my booking!”

Johnny W

“This layout is very straightforward for my customers. They appreciate it!“

James Q

“Perfect for any traveling show.”



Did you invest in a great photoshoot? Get the most bang for your buck with a calendar layout featuring huge image blocks & a prominent event title bar.

Fun Fact!

The ancient Babylonian Calendar “Umma” was designed by the first human civilization; Mesopotamia.

Best Use Examples

Camping Biking
Watersport Motorsport
Horseback Riding

Customer Reviews

Andrew S

“10/10 – Emphasizes my photos.”

Heather K

“Bold design that elevates my business.”

Jackson P

“My photos sell the experience! This layout is exactly what I have been searching for.”

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