5 Ways Facebook Can Help Sell Out Classes

What’s the one sales channel that will bring 60% of new revenues in the next 5 years? Ecommerce! A new report from Forrester, titled “U.S. Cross-Channel Retail Forecast, 2015 To 2020,” predicts online sales will grow by an average annual rate of 9.32% over the next five years. But, ecommerce is more than offering a few discounts online.

In this blog series, we’ve already shown you 3 awesome Facebook marketing tips you can steal, and provided a checklist for preparing your calendar.

Today, we’re going to help you optimize another important piece of the commerce puzzle – your Facebook page or Facebook Business page. This post will teach you some of the most effective ways to build hype for your best events and classes on Facebook. By the time we’re done, you’ll not only have a highly-optimized page, but also your Calendar live on Facebook that’s ready to rake in additional sales.

Let’s start with the basics.

Step 1: Create a custom Facebook cover image to promote your classes

study conducted by EyeTrackShop found that on average, participants noticed the cover photo in under 1 second. Since, Facebook made cover photos the first element on a page, visitors spent more time looking at Facebook cover photos than wall posts on ads. If you want Facebook users to know about your big event, customizing your cover photo is the place to start.

Let’s go over what a Facebook cover photo should include:


Image via Pickled Palette

First, you’ll notice that the phrase “Movie Night” is impossible to miss. The creator has also included a few key items of the event; the activities (pizza, painting, movie), price, and when this will take place.  When combined, all of these details create a cover image that’s attractive, informative, and attention-grabbing.

If you need a less technical solution to make your cover photo, visit Canva.com.

Step 2: Set up your page’s Call to Action button

Recently, Facebook announced a new feature called, “Call to Action button”. This button is a direct call to action for business owners to add to their pages. The call to action shows up on any device – whether it is desktop, laptop, tablets or phones, allowing you to sell anywhere, everywhere. You should connect this button to a page on your website where the customer can quickly learn and book your services.


Image via Home Cooking New York

  1. Create Call to Action on your cover photo.
  2. Choose the Book Now or Sign Up Now button.
  3. Add your link to your calendar page in the website field.
  4. Click Create on the bottom-right corner.

The link you include can either be to your store’s homepage or a direct link to your calendar.  While Facebook provides its own stats for page owners, you (for advanced users only) can also add a UTM code to your call-to-action button to better track its performance in Google Analytics.

Step 3: Activate the Occasion tab of your Facebook page

Embedding Occasion on your Facebook makes it easy for desktop and mobile users to browse and book classes and events from your Facebook page. Since it’s mobile-friendly, you’ll be able to capture sales from people using the Facebook app or mobile site on any occasion.

Create your free Occasion account here to start selling on Facebook.

Here’s what Party With Paint owner had to say about theirs:

I am truly in love with my Occasion software!  I’ve only used Occasion for 19 days and I’ve already taken in about $2,500.00 in sales!  I am definitely no computer guru, but I’ve EASILY been able to use Occasion to post tons of events to my website and Facebook page. Simply awesome!Carole Cobbold, Owner, Party With Paint



If you haven’t, now’s the time (don’t worry – it only takes a minute). Our guide to setting up Stacks on your Facebook makes it easy.

Step 4: Pin the event announcement

Posting on your Facebook page is perhaps the quickest way to present an offer or event to your community.  Didn’t think it could be any easier?  Prepare to be spoiled.  First, share your event on social media directly from your Occasion account by  clicking “Integrate” on the top-right corner, as seen below:


Image via Occasion

Next, Facebook allows you to pin the post. By pinning a post, you’ll ensure it stays at the top of your timeline even after you make additional posts. You can access the “Pin to Top” button by clicking the dropdown menu arrow on any post.

To get the most out of your pinned post, pin an image that features the same key points as your new Facebook cover image. A Hubspot study found that Facebook status updates containing images saw 104% more comments, 54% more likes, and 84% more click-throughs than those that didn’t.

Step 5: Boost your Facebook post to attract new customers

After creating your listing, and posting it to Facebook; you can choose to promote this post.  To help brands better connect to the right audience and set a budget that works with your wallet, Facebook introduced the “Boost Post” that appears on profile sidebars. Here’s what it might look like on your page:


According to Facebook, you can boost most posts you create on your Page, including status updates, photos, videos and offers.  Posts you boost will appear higher in News Feed to help more people see them.  Keep in mind that boosted posts must follow Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

Easier than it sounded, right? If you followed the steps outlined above, your business is now armed with killer Facebook pages that’s heavily optimized to help you increase sales.

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