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No set-up fees. No contracts. No commitments. No payment due until you reach $1,000 in sales.

  • Monthly
    $69 CAD per month
    No Contracts. No Commitments.

    No credit card required


    Unlimited Bookings Unlimited Listings
    Unlimited Venues Unlimited Customers
    Unlimited Staff Unlimited Calendars
    Unlimited Coupons Unlimited Gift Cards
    Unlimited Voucher Deals Unlimited Integrations
    Aksh Gupta, CEO of Occasion explains:

    Aksh Gupta, CEO of Occasion explains:

    Software companies have offered 15 day free trials or “nickle-and-dimed” for extra features and support to business owners.

    At Occasion, we believe in the power of the simplicity. Simple, straight-forward, transparent pricing for a powerful product backed by amazing support for business customers.

    Our free trial of $1,000 in free sales helps businesses see real value operating their business with our product and collect customer feedback before paying us a dime.



    • Unlimited bookings
    • Unlimited listings
    • Unlimited venues
    • Customize listings
    • Branded listings


    • Mobile friendly dashboard
    • In-store management
    • Metrics around sales, traffic and trends
    • Calendar sync
    • Add unlimited staff
    • Manage staff access
    • Canned reports
    • Create your own reports
    • Order management


    • Groupon
    • Livingsocial
    • 100+ Payment Companies


    • Choice of calendar or stack views
    • Unlimited views
    • Branded views
    • Add views to Website
    • Add views to Facebook


    • Unlimited coupons
    • Give dollar or percentage discount
    • Set coupon usage limits
    • Run your own deals
    • Manage external campaigns
    • Sell gift cards


    • Sell direct via Website
    • Sell from Facebook
    • Sell from Twitter, Pinterest
    • Sell from Email Newsletters
    • Calendar subscription for customers


    • Manage customers
    • Store payment profiles
    • Manage balances or credits
    • Identify valuable customers


    • QuickBooks
    • Mailchimp
    • Constant Contact
    • Clover


    Occasion’s advanced enterprise and agency solutions are customized to fit your business—scalable, secure and with the highest level of service. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs with one of our product specialists.

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    How Long Does it Take to Set-Up?

    Set-up takes literally minutes. Just create your free account and get started.

    Is It Secure?

    Yes, we don’t take security lightly. We use highest levels of encryption to secure all data.

    Is There a Free Trial?

    Yes, you get a $1,000 worth of sales for free before you have pay anything to us. This way you can see how it works for you and your customers.

    Any Contracts Or Commitments?

    Nope, no contracts with Occasion. If you are looking for contracts, please sign up with a competitor.

    What Are My Payment Options?

    After your free trial, you will have to option to pay via check, credit card or bank account.


    • “Over the last six months, 70 to 80% of our business has come from online booking. This makes my day-to-day tasks simple.”

      Shima G Owner of Easel Art Studio
    • "I've never felt so confident in a product and service. I just love Occasion and all it's features. Clients always tell me how easy it is to sign up for classes. I'd suggest Occasion to any business who is not happy with their current service."

      Jessica Lee, Paint By Number