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Our mission is to be the catalyst to help 1,000,000
businesses use ecommerce by 2020


Occasion started in 2013 as a booking platform designed to scale customer acquisition across all channels and devices while providing a seamless brand experience. We provide a simple, but powerful tool for merchants to grow their business and connect with customers.


  • Pelle ten Cate
    Pelle ten Cate Founder, Chief Architect
  • Kieran Klaassen
    Kieran Klaassen Founder, V.P. Engineering
  • Jordan Gerber
    Jordan Gerber Chief Financial Officer
  • Natalya Chytry
    Natalya Chytry Director of Marketing
  • Matt Hobson
    Matt Hobson Director of Business Dev
  • Abhi Agarwal
    Abhi Agarwal Operations Manager
  • Ariel Ehrmann
    Ariel Ehrmann UX Developer
  • Bo Guthrie
    Bo Guthrie Software developer
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